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Shannon and Erica met over 20 yrs ago and became instant friends. Over the years, they had what they thought was a crazy dream of hosting their very own show. In those years over lots of tea, they have developed a friendship like no other. They are true "soul sisters". They've experienced many ups and downs on this roller coaster ride called life.

With their years of life experience, love, honesty, respect and caring hearts, they would like to share their thoughts and opinions and welcome like-minded people to have a safe place to relate and share their stories as well.

With the help of the Dunet Communications Network they have made this 20 year old dream possible, and they call it "The Couch"

Shooting ForĀ Gold
Mary Patrick- The Road To Tokyo

On this week's show Sunday Apr 23rd

Welcome back Ladies and Gents!

Season 2

Show #13 2017

The Ladies will be chatting with Stephanie Nadeau about the Cornwall Diversity group and their upcoming events. The ladies will also be joined by Valerie Albers, stay at home mom whom is coming in to explain to all of us about bullet journaling. A WHOLE NEW WAY OF STAYING ORGANIZED BUT HAVING FUN AT THE SAME TIME. Questions for all our guests are welcome. Don't worry we will leave everyone with some always positive news from our ever sweet and quirky Positvely Marlene. So grab a hot cup of tea and tune in,The Ladies will have their devices with them so all fb questions will be taken and announced live on air!

On Twitter The Couch @ShansolsisErica

P.S. for new show ideas please share your ideas on The Couch page or send us a line at



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