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The Nationals Insider Tuesdays at 8:30PM


On this week's show


I would like to take this oppurtunity to thank the Cornwall Nationals, management ,staff and players new and old for keeping a new brand of hockey here in Cornwall 
And also giving us something to look forward for next year.

So i would like to invite any and all players, staff that are in Cornwall this Tuesday to help jam the studio to say thanks and have a drink (beverge of choice ) on the Nationals Insider at 8 30 pm on www.dunet.ca 

A great big shout out to all VOLUNTEERS also, you guys rock!!!, I would like to encourage everyone to call in 613 935 6790 and give us your final thoughts on the year, please dont be shy we want to here from you as this will be the last show till we have some news to bring and then we will have a special cast, but we will definatley be back next year.

Junior Fortin



Call in and chime in to win:

- a pair of floor seats to the Tony "Lightning" Luis vs Noe "Dengue" Nunes boxing match on April 15th at the Civic Complexe in Beautiful Cornwall, Ontario!!

- 2 pairs of tickets to Cornwall's annual comic/pop culture event...CAPE 2017!!!


All callers will be entered into the draw that will take place on April 9th!


All of that plus your calls.





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