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My New Reality

Justin Trudeau‏ @JustinTrudeau

To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength #WelcomeToCanada3:20 PM · Jan 28, 2017

This tweet from our twit has consequences that affect every Canadian.
Notice the number of likes and retweets and that was in January!
The people in Emmerson Manitoba now live with people crossing into
Canada 24/7.

We now have no idea how many are crossing on a daily basis as a gag order has
been placed on the RCMP and our border agents.
Canadian taxpayers left in the dark but forced to pay.
We will pay with free housing, clothing, medicine and dental care.
We will pay any legal fees should any migrants commit crimes as the cities
declare themselves "sanctuaries".
Illegal immigrants will, in effect, receive more services than the Canadian taxpayer.
The dictatorial edicts that are perpetuated by this current federal government
are like a suicide note to all those who believe in sovereignty.
The policy of wide open borders, silencing of critique and abject dismissal of
the fears of real people shows the disdain that the current regime has for its own
When did the Canadian taxpayer vote for sanctuary cities?
NEVER is the correct answer and for the rulers of our people to instill this negative
policy unto us breaches the ethical and moral standards expected by an electorate
of its elected officials.
Policies enacted that defy the will of the people should be the siren that blasts the
people into awareness and yet in regards to sanctuary (safe) cities there is no dissent.
We are being ruled with an iron fist and not with consensus of the people.
We no longer have a say as lies and obfuscation perpetuate their insidious policies
of human enslavement under the guise of tolerance and diversity.
When the people no longer have a say in policies that directly affect their everyday life
then we no longer have a democracy.


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