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The Couch
With Shannon and Erica
Real talk, real issues, home hacks and tea facts
Sundays @ 1PM
Latest Episode June 26
The Jim and Ike Show
Talk Radio covering local, national and world topics
with a touch of comedy
Sundays @4PM
Latest Episode June 12
The Kings' Table
With your hosts Jr. Fortin and Rick St. Jean
River Kings' talk
Sundays @ 7PM
Latest Episode June 26
Faith Today
With Brentt Williams
Building lives and families through Jesus Christ
Wednesdays at 11 am
Latest Episode June 29
The Pretty Cool Records Show
With Chad Coleman
Thursdays @6:30PM
Latest Episode June 16
The Dad Show
With Alain Legault
Parenting issues from a dad's point of view.
Thursdays @8PM
Latest Episode June 19
Against the Grain
News your not supposed to know
Fridays @ 3PM
Latest Episode June 24
Racing on the Border
With Brian Mulligan and Guests
Wednesdays at 7pm  
Latest Episode June 29
Chew 'N Fatties
To be announced  
Coming Soon
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